The programme for December focuses on undertaking research on your teaching, from how to decide on a meaningful research question to understanding the benefits that such research can bring to your teaching practice.

The resources for this month include:

A 1 minute CPD video by Lucie Byrne-Davis, explaining how to check that your research question will help to you discover meaningful answers of wider relevance than your own practice.

The learning@lunch seminar explores how you might develop a more streamlined assessment load across each year of the programme and reduce assessment burden to the students and staff.  Jane Brooks and Joanne Timpson will provide an overview of how they worked collaboratively to create a 20 credit unit which enabled flexibility to support student academic transitions and gave space to explore professional learning in a developmental and supportive manner.

The masterclass explores the process of researching your teaching in more detail, including how to distinguish between evaluation and actual research. The process for developing a research question, planning and conducting the study, and analysing the data are also discussed.