Enhancing the student experience is the priority for September’s programme. We will look into different aspects of supporting student learning, particularly in terms of thinking about the different challenges that students may face and the impact this may have on their experience at University.

The resources this month include:

Our 1 minute CPD video introduces THINKE to help you to enhance your interactions with students. You may also find this video and other information on Stellify useful when considering the development of your students.

The learning@lunch seminar will enable you to gain insights into the various Student Union led projects supporting students living at home. Miriam Amies in her capacity as Off-Campus Student Project Coordinator provides an opportunity to explore the types of support which have a real impact on enhancing the student experience.

The masterclass, led by Christine Rogers and Adam Danquah, will lead discussion around some fundamental concepts in human behaviour, such as identity, cognitive development, attachment and personality. This will enable you to look for areas of your practice that can be influenced by taking into account that our students are individuals who bring their own unique set of characteristics, skills and experiences to the learning environment.