Dr Nicky Neilson outlined the lessons learned from the Masters of Egyptology programme as this developed from a face-to-face programme (in the 1970s) to a fully online programme that is due to start in September 2019.  With 17% of all UK students completing a programme through distance learning, this is a growing market and something that all University programmes should consider for the future.

As the Egyptology programme attracted students from across the globe, hosting interactive online lectures did not work as there were students from many different time zones.  The programme team moved to develop new teaching strategies to incorporate passive learning (through specially recorded lectures), facilitated discourse (through Blackboard discussion groups) and independent learning (through assignments).  Their aim was to give off-campus students a similar experience to on-campus students through cutting edge technology to record lectures in a way that emulated a face-to-face student experience.  They also utilised 360 degree Virtual Reality (VR) cameras to give immersive experiences that students would not ordinarily be able to access.

Further details are available in Dr Neilson’s slides below:

Creating an Online Community