Assessment and Feedback  is the focus for October’s programme. We will look into different aspects of Programme and Curriculum design to ensure assessment and feedback are used effectively to support deeper student learning.

The resources this month include:

Our 1 minute CPD video demonstrates how you can convert your spoken word to text as a means of providing feedback.

The learning@lunch seminar will explore how you might develop a more streamlined assessment load across each year of the programme and reduce assessment burden to the students and staff.  Jane Brooks and Joanne Timpson will provide an overview of how they worked collaboratively to create a 20 credit unit which enabled flexibility to support student academic transitions and gave space to explore professional learning in a developmental and supportive manner.

Explore your own experiences of teaching, learning and assessment through a Masterclass led by Polly Turner and Sally Hickson.  Particular focus will explore how to effectively align Intended Learning Outcomes for individual course units and/or Programmes with appropriate teaching methods, assessments, feedback and feedforward.  Through the workshop we will also explore the role of formative assessment and utilising curriculum planning maps to enhance assessment strategies.