Simper N. (2020). Assessment thresholds for academic staff: constructive alignment and differentiation of standards. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 45, 1016-1030.

Felt the paper was good and interesting in terms of challenging norms and culture around assessment. Although some people were aware of threshold concepts as ‘portals to new ways of thinking’ but they had not considered the importance of this as a basis for transformational shifts around assessment literacy. Specific threshold concepts identified included assessment criteria, constructive alignment for meaningful learning and constraints stopping this, meeting student needs.

Recognised the importance in training around assessment literacy as being an important means to develop threshold concepts and related terminology in relation to assessment design and delivery.

There was some interesting discussion around the conflicting concept of an academic being a coach and a referee.

The value of peer discussion and learning from each other and how this feeds into and out of assessment was also considered.

Identified the important opportunities the current situation provides in that people are revisiting assessments and how they are being delivered, by bringing in appropriate opportunities for discussion and an infrastructure of support there is the potential to embed new assessment threshold concepts.

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