The masterclass was run by Dr Nick Weise, from the Institute of Teaching & Learning, and covered student voice and inclusive curricula in flipped learning. The session covered the general principles of learning, including active, reviewing and passive learning and how to best encourage students to engage in both. Dr Weise mentioned students’ preference for an interactive lecture, over a passive lecture and active seminars, which he found by using a split lecture trial. The session also covered where academics can engage with students, and the role of ‘experts by experience’, such as PASS leaders, in teaching and learning. Dr Weise also mentioned the concept of curriculum review by students, especially in the form of Teaching & Scholarship (TAS) Research Sections which can take the form of replacing a placement – during these students complete activities such as identifying an area in the curriculum that needs improving and working out how best to do this. Due to the nature of this work, TAS research can be done remotely and opens up the opportunity for interdisciplinary research. The session also covered how students participating in this can be compensated for their work, as some courses do not have the flexibility to incorporate this into a course credited module. Examples such as monetary payment, Step-Up and Lead Stellify qualifications and the Leadership in Education Awards Programme were given.

For more information, please look at the PowerPoint presentation below: