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Inter-professional education – Learning@Lunch

Prof Cathy McCrohan presented this seminar on the University College for Interdisciplinary Learning, explaining how the College operates and the benefits it can bring to a student’s education, employability, and ability to contribute to society. The slides for the session are available below.

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21st Century Students – Masterclass

This masterclass was divided into four groups, focusing on digital literacy, assessment and feedback, careers, and what instructors bring to the learning environment. Resources will be made available here, alongside the introductory slides.

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Developing professionalism in students – Learning@Lunch

Jenny Silverthorne presented this month’s Learning@Lunch seminar, which looked at the difficulties that students may face in making the transition from their studies to the workplace, and why some of the common methods to ease this transition such as placements may not be as effective as expected.

The very end of the seminar and some discussion was unfortunately missed by the podcasting system as the session ran somewhat longer than expected.

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Developing professionalism in students

Due to strike action at the University, several sessions in the staff and pedagogic development programme had to be rescheduled. This mainly affected the sessions on developing professionalism in students. As material becomes available, it will be added to this page.

In this section, Jenny Silverthorne presented the Learning@Lunch session on Teaching and Learning about Professionalism. This seminar looked in detail at the differences between undergraduate studies and professional practice, and the difficulties that students can face in navigating the change from one environment to the other.

Digital Literacy, Learning@Lunch recording

The Digital Literacy Learning@Lunch seminar was recorded for those who were unable to make it to the session. You can find the video on this page.

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Digital Literacy, Learning@Lunch

Talking the Digital Habitat into Being

This seminar, the first in the Learning@Lunch series, is given by Andrew Whitworth, Director or Teaching and Learning Strategy, Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester.

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