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Student Experience, Learning@Lunch

The off-campus students’ project was developed 3 years ago after it was identified that retention and achievement levels at university were being affected by whether students chose to live at home rather than move into student housing. This group also intersects strongly with mature students, student parents and student carers who are given their own focus within the project.

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Student Experience

Enhancing the student experience is the priority for September’s programme. We will look into different aspects of supporting student learning, particularly in terms of thinking about the different challenges that students may face and the impact this may have on their experience at University.

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Digital Literacy, Learning@Lunch recording

The Digital Literacy Learning@Lunch seminar was recorded for those who were unable to make it to the session. You can find the video on this page.

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Digital Literacy, Learning@Lunch

Talking the Digital Habitat into Being

This seminar, the first in the Learning@Lunch series, is given by Andrew Whitworth, Director or Teaching and Learning Strategy, Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester.

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