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Softchalk allows you to create text-based learning materials with embedded multimedia resources and interactive elements such as tests, card-sorting games, image-labeling quizzes. As with the other learning tools described the content can be embedded into Blackboard course units. Softchalk content is stored outside Blackboard, making it simple to include in more than one course without running into versioning problems. Caroline explains some of the benefits of this tool in the following presentation.

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Playposit allows you to create and share videos with interactive content. You can use your own videos, or use videos uploaded to services such as YouTube or Vimeo, and then trim them down to only the parts your students need. Caroline introduces Playposit and the benefits it can bring to your students in the following presentation.

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Nearpod is a presentation tool that allows the instructor to gather responses and information from students in real time by pushing the presentation out to students’ devices and pulling responses to questions back. Nearpod presentations can either be used in the classroom or as self-directed learning resources, allowing for easy adaptation to a flipped-classroom teaching model. In the following presentation, Caroline introduces you to the benefits that this tool can offer.

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iSpring allows you to produce interactive learning tools from your PowerPoint slides. It is far more than a simple file converter, however, as it gives you the power to create timelines, scenario-based learning objects and more, then publish to the web or embed them in Blackboard. Caroline’s presentation below was produced using iSpring, so you can see for yourself how it works.

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Digital Literacy, Online Learning

The online learning resources for this month introduce four tools that offer different ways of presenting learning materials to your students.

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