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Developing professionalism in students – Learning@Lunch

Jenny Silverthorne presented this month’s Learning@Lunch seminar, which looked at the difficulties that students may face in making the transition from their studies to the workplace, and why some of the common methods to ease this transition such as placements may not be as effective as expected.

The very end of the seminar and some discussion was unfortunately missed by the podcasting system as the session ran somewhat longer than expected.

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Undertaking research on your teaching, Masterclass

Research and evaluation of your own teaching can be difficult, but both are necessary to improve your practice and evidence the impact of your innovations. It can also be difficult to apply rigorous research methods to your own work, and to understand where the line is between simple evaluation and more in-depth research. This masterclass explains this difference and guides participants through the research process in more detail. The slides can be found below.

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Undertaking research on your teaching, 1 minute CPD

A good question is vital when conducting research on your own teaching as this defines your research project. In this video, Lucie Byrne-Davis gives some pointers to coming up with a good question that will help you to carry out meaningful research.

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Undertaking research on your teaching

The programme for December focuses on undertaking research on your teaching, from how to decide on a meaningful research question to understanding the benefits that such research can bring to your teaching practice.

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