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21st Century Students – Masterclass

This masterclass was divided into four groups, focusing on digital literacy, assessment and feedback, careers, and what instructors bring to the learning environment. Resources will be made available here, alongside the introductory slides.

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Large Group Teaching, Masterclass

In all teaching scenarios it is important to think about not only what you want the learners to achieve during the session, but also what the learning environment will be like and whether there are particular challenges which need to be addressed to ensure learning opportunities are optimised. Large group teaching can provide unique challenges to create student engagement and ownership of learning.

This highly interactive masterclass provided a forum to discuss the challenges and explore ways which have been used effectively to support and develop learning in large group scenarios. The resources used during the session are included below.

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Undertaking research on your teaching, Masterclass

Research and evaluation of your own teaching can be difficult, but both are necessary to improve your practice and evidence the impact of your innovations. It can also be difficult to apply rigorous research methods to your own work, and to understand where the line is between simple evaluation and more in-depth research. This masterclass explains this difference and guides participants through the research process in more detail. The slides can be found below.

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Student Experience, Masterclass

This masterclass covered a number of psychological constructs and theories that can be applied to staff-student interactions and teaching and learning in general. The over-arching aim of the session was to inspire us to always work with our students as individuals who bring their own unique set of characteristics, skills and experiences to the learning environment.  

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Assessment and Feedback, Masterclass resources

A copy of the slides presented during the Masterclass are available below. The HEA has also provided information on Mindful Assessment Design, along with a proforma to be used alongside this framework. There is also an assessment grid to enable you to audit your assessments, and a set of cards to help you redesign your assessments.

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Assessment and Feedback, Masterclass

Masterclass: Assessment and Feedback, Monday 17 July 2017, 1-4 pm, room 5.206 University Place

Delivered in partnership with the Higher Education Academy (HEA) this masterclass on Assessment and Feedback aims introduce academic staff to the key principles behind developing effective assessment and feedback in ways that are both sustainable and manageable and will encourage different ways of thinking about assessment design.

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Evidencing excellence, Masterclass

This masterclass focused on how best to evidence your teaching excellence to enable you to put together a convincing case study for submission to one of the award schemes such as the Leadership in Education Awards Programme

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Digital Literacy Masterclass Slides

The slides that were presented during the Masterclass on the 24th April 2017 can be found below.

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Digital Literacy Masterclass

This masterclass, the first in the series, is held on the 24th April, 9.30-12.30 in room 6.207, University Place.

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