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Large Group Teaching, 1 minute CPD

In these videos, Dianne Burns presents ideas for improving your large group teaching. Her tips cover organising your lectures, making your lectures unmissable, and bringing your large group teaching sessions to life. A list of references is also provided if you wish to find out more.

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Undertaking research on your teaching, 1 minute CPD

A good question is vital when conducting research on your own teaching as this defines your research project. In this video, Lucie Byrne-Davis gives some pointers to coming up with a good question that will help you to carry out meaningful research.

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Assessment and Feedback 2, 1 minute CPD

If you find it easier to speak your thoughts than to type them, you might find it helpful to use speech to text tools when creating feedback for your students. There are several options available, including some you may already have access to without realising it. In this video, we present some of the options and explains why you may need to be careful when using these tools.

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Assessment and Feedback, 1 minute CPD

There are many options for providing written feedback one students’ work, but it can sometimes be difficult to find the right words for what you want to say. ThingLink allows you to upload images with embedded information points, which can then be used to provide mixed-media feedback. In this video, Richard Prince explains how he uses this system.

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Evidencing Excellence, 1 minute CPD

It can be difficult to find space in your diary for training courses, but there are simple ways to improve your teaching practice that do not require investing large amounts of time. Engaging in reflective teaching practice is one option. The video below provides a quick introduction to the subject.

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Digital Literacy, 1 Minute CPD

The 1 Minute CPD for this month shows you a quick tip to improve your podcast lectures. You may be used to using a laser pointer to show what you’re referring to on-slide, but this will not be captured for the podcast version. This video will show you how to use a pointer that will be recorded, allowing your students to see exactly what you are referring to.

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