This site has been built to compliment the Academy for Education and Professional Development‘s Pedagogy and Staff Development programme. The Academy encompasses the whole teaching and learning team within the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health (FBMH) at the University of Manchester. The programme is lead by Dianne Burns and Adam Danquah and ensures that all those contributing to Faculty programmes can engage with sound pedagogy and share best practice in teaching, learning and student experience.

The programme is based on four key areas that align with the University's Teaching, Learning and Student vision and FBMH Strategy for Teaching, Learning and Students:

  1. Teaching quality and delivery
  2. Student experience
  3. Learning environment
  4. My teaching practice

Students contribute to planning content for the programme and our ethos is one of transformative learning; this is, learning as an active and life-changing process that requires teachers not only to challenge student thinking but also be prepared to engage critically and develop their own practice.

The programme has been designed to be accessible and cater for a wide range of requirements with online sessions (1 minute CPD), lunchtime sessions (Learning@Lunch and Pedagogy Seminars), discussion forums (Teaching Scholarship and Research) and more intensive masterclasses. We encourage all those involved in teaching activities across the Faculty to take part in the programme, including those from our education partners in the NHS, Industry and other workplace settings.

Further details about the programme are included on the Upcoming Events page or you can e-mail the Academy at and find out more in the welcome video below:

Dianne Burns

Adam Danquah