This site forms part of the Academy for Education and Professional Development‘s training programme. This programme aims to be as open as possible and is here to support everyone who contributes to Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health programmes – including those from the University but also our education partners in the NHS, Industry and other workplace settings.

Each month we will focus on a different strategic priority informed by teaching evaluations and student surveys. You can access each month’s material through the Priorities menu on this page. These priorities have also been grouped into a development framework, shown below, to help define the programme and to give you a way of pinpointing areas you may wish to focus on. Each segment of the framework is a link to relevant content, with the framework being completed over the next year. Each priority area will have the same network of resources to support it. Online Learning and 1 Minute CPD resources are available for those with little time but who want to learn simple hints and tips to improve their skills. The Learning@Lunch series of seminars are more in-depth and, although they are delivered face-to-face, wherever possible they will be recorded and made available through this site. Masterclasses will provide you with the best opportunity to develop and enhance you skills, with experts on hand to help you design and produce solutions to your problems. Being more interactive sessions, these cannot be recorded, but case studies and other useful outputs will be posted here to help those who cannot make the sessions. Each of these resources can be accessed through the links at the top of this page.